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Martina Giustra fevételi, 2011 Martina Giustra fevételi, 2011 Martina Giustra fevételi, 2011

Martina Giustra fevételi, 2011

Martina Giustra fevételi, 2011


Project: House for 15 pilgrims in Devecser

I decided to divide the plot into two parts to have different perceptions.

I folded the building to have a private garden and a public space on the plot. The private part remind me to the idea of a garden in a monastery, with regular windows that open on it. On the other part there is a chapel, that is a strong landmark for the society of the village, and it has a preference position on the plot.

On the ground floor there are kitchen, common space, archive provided for 15 pilgrims and some services. In the kitchen pillars are seattle down all around.

On the upper level there are dormitory and services and stores. Also there's a terrace from where you could see the natural reserve on the south and the chapel.

About wooden technology of the structure, for this building I choose cross-lam panels and pine boards as finished. It is a quite knew technology that considerably increase static strenght and dimensional stability. Compared with other wood construction, cross-lam panels open the way to highly innovative load possibilities.



Why be a V?ndor??

During these years I discovered a kind of Organic Architecture linked with Hungary. I think it's the most authentic.

To improve my knoledge about this fascinating architecture, people, materials, motives...I travelled a lot in Hungary, discovering step by step a culture and my interest about it.

During these years Arch. Makovecz guided me with the help of Kovendi Judit, to walk trought this architecture, meanings and phylosophy.

So after university to choose this experience in vandoriskola is a natural consequence. I think is the only place where I could study practically what I've seen and studied during this time.


                                                                                                                          Martina Giustra


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